New Release: Driver


I had a lot of fun writing this track. I was in Los Angeles last year for the ASCAP music conference. I showed a previous itineration of this track to a composer friend and he also really liked this track's breakdown but everything else wasn't up to the standard of it. He also said that it reminded of the movie "Driver" by Ryan Gosling, which coincidentally has a VERY underrated music by Cliff Martinez.

I rewrote the track around the breakdown and came out with some guitar riffs I really liked. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!


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Song Info

Sounds like:  A Dance track with dark & heavy synths and hard hitting drums, similar in the style of the soundtrack of the Ryan Gosling's feature movie "Driver".

Tempo: 93 bpm |  Key: Am |  Length: 2:58
IRSC Code: QZ3J61800015
BMI Registration information:
Jonathan Tonatiuh Calderon - 550434713


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